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Basic Info
Age: 0Webcam Chathost Profileadult Profile
Sex: N/A
Sexual Preference: N/A
Movie: hard porno
TV Show: Dont watch tv shows;P
Food: Exotic fruits
Drink: milksshake
Book: Kamasutra ;))
Weight: N/A
Height: N/A
Hair Length: N/A
Eye Color: N/AAdult Webcams Bio
Build: N/A
Ethnicity: N/A
Measurements: N/A
Special Options: N/A
Other: N/A

Who Am I
Hi guys;-)i'm Jess little playful coed:P with a crazy and very dirty fantasies, who loves to be bad all the time...I love partying and dancing, especially in my very short skirt without panties wink**.It makes me so hot knowing you're watching me play with myself. Else i have a fantastic body, little sweet *ss and very wet pussy.U must enjoy it. I cant wait to play with you!!! xoxooxoxo

Why I'm Here
This is the BEST PLACE where i can express myself and be naughty;O)I live my fantasies on here and enjoy it... By the way,It turns me on to be watched live in my bedroom playing!!!I love to flirt and have a great time wink** I''m waiting to meet you now! Don''t be shy about your fantasies...xoxoxo

Describe your most embarrassing moment.
When I was 19, I was dating the most amazing guy I had ever known and the sex was great. One time, around Halloween, we were both invited to a party at his friend's house. This house was the biggest house I had ever seen and it had many rooms with people having great sex in them! I was wearing a slutty bunny costume, with ears, and stockings, and a little ball for a tail. All the guys were complementing me on how great my ass looked. My boyfriend was wearing a tuxedo because he was obsessed with James Bond (J.B. had sex every day!). After about two hours of talking to people and different guys coming up to me and telling me how great I looked, I started to get bored. I saw my guy talking at the bar and as I walked over there, I said to him, "Come upstairs with me, please. I want to show you something." I knew he got the "idea" because he started to get a hard-on. As we walked upstairs, the only door that didn't have a sign that said "Please don't bother us, bitch!" had a pink door. When we walked, in the whole room was pink, and there were even some sex toys like dildos and edible thongs that were pink! Right then, he pushed me on to the bed and we started to kiss with passion. He took off his shirt, and I soon I did too. He started to grab my boobs and I turned him over on his back and ripped my bunny costume off and slowly moved down to the bulge in his pants. I started to work is big cock in my hands as he moaned in pleasure. I put it in my mouth and sucked on it so hard that as soon as I even put a finger on his balls, he blew his big load into my mouth and I swallowed every single drop. Before he could get soft, I led his big cock into my pussy and rode him like a big horse. It felt like I was about to explode as I moaned and yelled as he held my boobs. We both came so hard, again and again and again. We were still laying on top of each other when we hear the door slam open and someone yelled, "Surprise!" We were so startled that we fell on the floor and 20 or so people rushed out of the room laughing. We were so embarrassed! As we rushed out of the house we noticed that my boyfriend's car had the word FUCKERS on it written in shaving cream. As we were driving home, we were so quiet but then we both started laughing! When we went home, we had another mind blowing climax! In the end, we found out that the room we fucked in was the same room that our friend's little sister slept in and it was her birthday. We never went to another one of that guy's parties again!

Describe your greatest moment in life.
I lived at the beach for a summer when I was in college. I worked at a restaurant with this really cute guy, Kevin. We hung out all the time, but just as friends. He always rubbed my shoulders and said he gave great massages. We were hanging out drinking at the beach and we went to my apartment to refill the cooler. He started rubbing my shoulders, saying what a great massage he gave. I led him into the bedroom and told him to prove what a great massage he gave. He put lotion on my back and did give me a great massage. I felt him start to pull down my bikini shorts and didn't stop him. He rubbed my *ss and legs and slowly spread them. He teased my bum hole and I got really wet and excited. Then he slid a finger into my pussy, then two. I just let him go. Then he pushed a finger in my bum and made me have the most unbelievable orgasm. He kissed the back of my neck and whispered, "I told you so." Then he left and returned to the beach. I had to take a couple of minutes and then went back too.
I lived at ... (to see more, join this FanClub; 207 words total)
Before becoming a star on iFriends, how would you describe yourself?
i'm always been naughty girl;-)
i'm always been naughty girl;-)
What would we see you doing in your free time? Tell us a bit about your personal interests or talents.
What’s the funniest thing you ever saw or heard?
What kind of music do you like? What’s the best concert you ever saw?
Do you travel a lot? What’s the best vacation you ever took?
What is your favorite outfit to wear?

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