Questions Asked by Visitors & Prospective Customers.


Q: I heard that iFriends offers HDTV-quality movies of the hottest and brightest video chathost Stars. Where can I find out more?
A: You can find out about iFriends' TRUE HDTV-Quality Video by clicking here.

Q: Is this really free?
A: Surfing iFriends as a guest doesn't cost you a dime. Also 100% FREE are many members-only features such as browsing through uncensored archives taken from millions of past live iFriends videochats, cruising the iFriends search engines looking for "tall blondes" "under 25", and live textchat with more than 300,000+ iFriends video chathosts. You never pay for anything on iFriends without your consent. Check out the full Terms and Conditions for more information.

Q: Is my account information safe with you? With whom do you share it?
A: Your account registration and billing information, which you submit to iFriends through a Verisign-certified, digital-certificate-encrypted secure channel and which iFriends maintains behind an impenetrable, firewall-protected encrypted secure system, is never disclosed or otherwise provided to any outside party, including iFriends video hosts. Your account information is accessible only to a handful of trained iFriends staff, all of which have passed detailed background checks. For additional information, please refer to our Privacy Policy.

Q: What is Cam2Cam?
A: Cam2Cam enables the Live Video Host to see you during your live one-on-one videochat session, provided you have a webcam hooked up to your PC. If your PC or webcam has a microphone, your Host will be also be able to hear you. All that is required is that both the viewer and Host have the latest version of the common Flash Player plug-in.

Q: How do I use Cam2Cam?
A: • Viewers: Viewers must be a VIP or Elite level member to use Cam2Cam during live one-on-one videochat. First, make sure you are not running other software which may be contending for your webcam, such as a webcam-enabled messenger or IM application.

Next, on the page you see before entering the room, you can check the box that says: "Allow Host to see and hear me (Cam2Cam)." Once you enter chat, if you do not have the most recent Flash plug-in, you may see a pop-up asking if you wish to install the Flash Player plug-in. Click yes to install it. If you are on a slow or dial-up connection it may take a few seconds for the stream to begin. You will then see a pop-up in the lower-left of your screen that says "Camera and Microphone Access". Click the "Allow" button, and you should see yourself on the screen. You should then let the Host know that you are sending video and that they should click the link on their side to see you.

If you are using a microphone, please make sure it isn't too close to your PC speakers to avoid feedback.
• Stars: In order for viewers to see the link for Cam2Cam, indicate that you support Cam2Cam when you initate your session. The check box is on the second page of the sign-in form right under your screenname. Checking this will provide a link the viewer can click to start sending video to you. However, to use Cam2Cam, viewers must be a VIP or Elite member engaged with you in a premium videochat session. Chathosts should wait until after the viewer has started broadcasting before attempting to view the video feed. Once the viewer is broadcasting, click the 'Cam to Cam' link. Then click the View Member's screenname. Just like the viewer, you may need to install the latest version of the Flash Player to see the video. If you see the pop-up asking to install it, click Yes. After the Flash Player installs you should be able to see the viewer's video. If the viewer has a microphone, you will also be able to hear the audio.


Q: On which browser does iFriends work best?
A: iFriends works with all "modern" browsers, and functions equally well with Internet Explorer or FireFox. For the best possible experience, we recommend that your browser support Java, JavaScript, and Flash.

Q: Is this live?
A: Absolutely. Unless you are browsing through the "archives", or are watching the small portion of videochats that are clearly labeled as replays of previous Live iFriends videochats, every iFriends videochat you encounter is live. Real people. In real time. It's REAL!

Q: Can I contact the iFriends chathost who is providing his/her camera feed?
A: That's up to the performing iFriends chathost. At their discretion, they may or may not choose to give you their email address, phone number, or other contact information.

Q: How do I end my iFriends session?
A: There are two ways to end your iFriends session. The easiest and most effective way is to simply click on the "End Session" button immediately beneath the Video Chathost's video window. Alternatively, you may simply close your browser (best bet when you're having tech problems). Either of these approaches will terminate your session and prevent further billing for that session.

Q: I have a WebPower, "WPI," or "iFriends" charge on my credit-card statement. Why is it there?
A: iFriends would never apply your registration payment information to any premium services without your consent. Premium services include fee-based videochats you might visit, where the chathost has chosen to charge for access to his or her videochat (other chathosts offer such services for free).
Second, should you choose to join our "Club VIP," you will be billed $6.95 per month for access to the wide range of exclusive VIP benefits available to you (if you joined VIP earlier when the price was $4.99, you are "grandfathered" in at the lower rate ... for the life of your account!).

Note, should you choose the "Club VIP Free" option, if you do any one of the following within a monthly billing cycle, the $6.95 billing for that month will be waived: vote on at least 25 archive pictures, be a ChatHost and host 5 live sessions in 5 different days, or spend at least 60 minutes in a live fee-based videochat session.

Third, the "Elite" package, at $9.95, is another upgrade that thousands of members choose every week.

Fourth, some chathosts offer an optional "Fan Club" feature ("FC" for short); FanClubs have both free and premium areas. All premium services on the site are clearly labeled in a prominent and conspicuous manner, and your consent is affirmatively obtained prior to your entrance to such areas. Of course, if you ever have questions about any iFriends charge activity appearing on your statement, call our toll-free 24/7 customer service center (1-800-iFriends; overseas callers dial 001-561-656-0500), where live agents are available day and night to cheerfully provide assistance and answer your questions.

Q: Is there any way that the chathost can see me while I watch the chathost?
A: Yes! To find out more, click here.

Q: Where can I learn more about TalkLive, TM the toll-free telephone conferencing system where I can talk live with my favorite chathost during live videochat?
A: TalkLive is perhaps the fastest-growing feature ever offered on iFriends. To find out more, click here.